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When we started Ellerbrock-Norris Wealth Strategies, we were thinking bigger than simple access to capital markets. We feel, how you access and use the markets should be a decision based upon all the other variables in life. Our passion is helping our clients articulate how they want to live their life and showing them the path to get there.

Ryan Brott, CEPA
Director, CCO

I live in Omaha, but I grew up working on a farm in western Nebraska. When I was actively on the farm, it was hard, unprofitable work. We did it because we loved it. Even though the farm doesn’t exist anymore, it taught me money is an essential tool but true wealth is beyond money. This is the same belief I come to work with every day.

I am a Certified Exit Planning Advisor with a BS from theUniversity of Nebraska at Lincoln and I am currently pursuing the Certified Financial Planning designation. While away from the office, I love spending time with my wife, Ashley, and our two daughters.

Jamie Slaughter, CFP®

Some of my earliest memories were tagging along with my dad on the golf course and I have continued to play over the years to work on improving my game. I have learned that playing golf takes skill but more importantly it takes patience. You cannot rush a game of golf and I believe that same concept is true for building wealth. The sooner a plan can be put in place to start working towards your goals, the sooner you can spend your precious time enjoying what is truly important to you.

I am a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (TM) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s Degree in Management. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Eric, and our two daughters.

investment committee

For over two decades, Buckingham Strategic Partners has provided portfolio management and back-office services to a select group of Independent Financial Advisors and their clients. Buckingham Strategic Partners helps Independent Wealth Management Groups like Ellerbrock-Norris Wealth Strategies, LLC manage more than $34 billion in assets as of September 2019.  

Buckingham Strategic Partner’s Investment Committee builds portfolios that aim to capture the returns of global stock and bond markets helping investors reach their long-term goals. Since trading, fees, and expenses can have a real impact on performance, all Buckingham Strategic Partner’s portfolios are managed to help control risks, control costs, and minimize taxes.

*Buckingham Strategic Partners investment committee is not directly employed by ENWS.  ENWS and Buckingham Strategic Partners are not related firms.

Jared Kizer, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Larry Swedroe
Chief Research Officer
Harry M. Markowitz, PhD
Research Advisor
Meir Statman, PhD
Research Advisor
Alex Potts
Chairman, Advisor Services
Sheldon P. McFarland
Vice President, Portfolio Strategy & Research
Tim Jost, CFA
Institutional Services Advisor
Brian Haywood
Investment Strategy Advisor
Jonathan Scheid, CFA, AIF®
Vice President, Portfolio Strategy & Education
Susan Strasbaugh, CFP®, EA, AIF®
Wealth Advisor, Advisory Team Leader
Kevin Grogan, CFA, CFP®
Director of Investment Strategy