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Ellerbrock-Norris Wealth Strategies takes a holistic, financial planning approach with every client. Proper financial planning means more than a risk tolerance questionnaire. It means that we engage with you on a deeper level by truly understanding your life goals through our unique experience.

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fiduciary model

Brokers are only required to recommend investments that are “suitable” for their clients. This means they can legally put their interests above their clients when recommending financial products.

As a fiduciary, ENWS is legally and ethically responsible for acting in our client’s best interest.

Clients working with brokers tend to be confused about how much they are paying for services. Brokers are not required to send you a detailed statement showing how much they are compensated for advising you.

As fiduciaries, we must provide you a copy of our ADV brochure that explains the structure of the firm, the services we offer and how we charge for services.

Brokers usually have clients’ assets held with the company the broker works for.

ENWS uses a third-party financial institution to custody our clients’ assets. By doing this, our clients will always receive independent statements to reconcile fees, investments and performance.

Brokers often use their own products when it may not be best for their clients. For example, they may use mutual funds offered through their company.

ENWS does not have proprietary products. Instead, we conduct due diligence to make sure we are using investments that truly meet our clients’ needs.



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Ellerbrock-Norris Omaha
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Ellerbrock-Norris Omaha
Omaha, NE
Invest for Tomorrow

Ellerbrock-Norris Wealth Strategies was built with a unique set of beliefs and ideas. Our philosophy empowers us to provide an experience beyond managing money and investments. We are a fee based, fiduciary Registered Investment Advisor legally required to put our client’s interests first.

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